CAMKA remote assisted maintenance solution is a full range of services designed for on-site technicians and distant specialists’ collaboration. It allows highly sophisticated real-time multimedia multi-users sessions, improving support and after-sales services.

CAMKA provides an all-in-one user-friendly interface allowing attendees to share video streaming for on-the-field visualization, take photos and add comments, voice, texts, drawings and pictures on a powerful whiteboard. It is also possible to store the report of a session and use CAMKA as an intervention recorder in offline mode.

Guarantee of exchanging objective information

  • In real time
  • Anywhere, any site
  • Easily and efficiently by using video and sound
  • Augmented reality

CAMKA is available in different variants, from a web application to a hardened mobile device, depending on on-site constraints such as working in humidity zone or in ATEX zones.

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